How to pay a loan less than the neighbors?

Become the owner of your own family nest You can use not only your own savings, but also the borrowed funds that Best Bank offers. Mortgage conditions allow not only to buy housing, but also to get a suburban or summer residence, garage or parking space for your vehicle, land for private housing or even build a house on your own.

You can use several methods. Reduce the cost of getting a soft loan, including parent funds, participation in a funded mortgage system for military personnel, and discounts for young families.


How much time do you have to pay back?

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Mortgage terms in Best Bank ‘s address is a very tasty souso for those who want to live in their own home or apartment. After all, you can move right after you complete the transaction and pay for housing under 30 years. The only exception will be a loan for new buildings, more specifically for joint participation in the construction of a house that has not yet been put into operation – you will not be able to move immediately and you have to repay such a loan in just 12 years.


How much money can I take?

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The maximum loan amount is not specified Best Bank Mortgage conditions only limit the ratio of the loan to the value of the acquired property. Here you can not take more than 85-90% of the amount of independent appreciation of the property, regardless of the price itself set by the seller.

It is also important that Best Bank requires you to purchase part of your own funds when purchasing:

  • from 10% of its value in financing the purchase of completed housing in the secondary market and in a new building, as well as in the construction of a private house or the purchase of a garage;
  • from 15% – when buying a suburban property with a loan;
  • 0% – when refinancing existing mortgage loans from other banks. If this loan is issued by Best Bank , mortgage terms will be much more advantageous.

The principle works – the more capital is contributed to the transaction, the lower the rate and more profitable loan parameters.


How much is a mortgage at Best Bank ?

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Best Bank , whose mortgage terms are profitable compared to other credit market offers, offers not only a lot of money in the long term, but also guarantees a small credit overpayment. The rate for different programs and for different customers varies:

  • 10.5% per year young families and military personnel can receive money;
  • at 12% per annum, all major mortgage loans are issued;
  • loans from other banks may be refinanced at 12.25% per annum;
  • to 12.5% ​​per year you can build a private house.

You can choose from a variety of mortgages – conditions Best Bank determines income according to many factors. It depends on your solvency and ability to repay the required liabilities quickly, as well as the degree of “getting acquainted” with the bank how much less you will have to pay to use the borrowed funds.

You will have to work hard to prove their reliability and conscientiousness, gather the necessary information, but then your budget will be optimal and your mortgage repayment will be easy and easy.

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